Saturday, February 22, 2014

Til then, til then.

I guess I'm kind of at that weird point where I can calm down a bit. Delusions was basically born out of anxiety and as an outlet for it. Now it's kind of subsided. I'm settled into a great apartment now with good friends. The whole job thing... was eventually solved. It's crazy how much that consumed me for months and months, but I'm out of it now and in a better place.

A lot has changed in such a short period of time and it's pushed me away from my writing. I got a full time job where I can't write scripts or daydream about characters whenever I want, but now that it's become normalized over time, I'm going to get focused and try to get back to it. Reading scripts is such a big part of it that I fell away from for quite a while, so regaining that is one of my bigger priorities.

For now I'm going to leave Delusions as is and let it sit. It wouldn't feel right any other way, since it was made for a specific phase of my life that has transitioned into something else. I need to just go off and live for a bit, get the writing down, and see where I get. I'm just trying to soak everything up and get used to a new routine while still maintaining the motivation to write scripts. Less writing about doing things and more actually doing them...

I need to crank another feature out this year if I want to see anything happen at all or even feel right. If not then what's the fucking point? Time to get back on the horse. There's always room for more blogging in the future, most likely a fresh stab at something new and different. So thanks for stopping by and listening to me, until next time :)