Sunday, June 16, 2013

I have a good excuse, I swear!

Been awhile since my last post. I'm still here! Here's a hint at what I've been up to:

Yup. That happened. BA in Film and Digital Media.

Siiiiiiiick.... Haha

But seriously, I feel SO good right now! 4 years... UCSC is truly a wonderful school. I met some beautiful people and formed lifelong friendships. I learned more about myself and the world than I ever thought possible. I made work that I'm proud of. I looooooooooove Santa Cruz and part of me will always be here.

What more can be said?

Oh, wait. I know.


Woo! You guessed right. No callbacks, no interviews... BUT I found a place to live in East Hollywood for a few months. Baby steps.

I'm moving to the city with no job. What? Okay.
If I don't try, I fail. It's that simple. I fail if I don't try. I just need to find something, that's all there is.

We're getting to the meat and potatoes of what I made this blog for in the first place. Isn't it exciting?! Nod your head yes.

And, YES, I would love to hear your advice for living in Los Angeles! Thanks for asking. Especially delicious cheap food. I'm all ears. I lived in Westwood a few summers ago when I took a film class at UCLA, and visited a few times since, but I really don't know my way around too well.

Oh, and also, I don't know that many people who live down there, so don't be a stranger 8)

It's weird being able to feel a change coming on. The anxious anticipation of an unknown experience. Fear. The day will come when I won't think it was that scary and I'll laugh at myself, but until then, fingers crossed.

Moving on!

It can be argued that a screenplay is never finished. It can always be made better, but at a certain point the writer has to make it as good as they can and move on. I've come to this point with my first script. Granted, I learned a lot by writing it and got a better understanding of the process, but now I'm ready to create a new story and see where it takes me. I'm done, onto the next. But first...

I don't think I'm the type of person who cares to keep amateur work hidden away.
Here's the whole thing, my script called Stuck in Neutral.

I understand if you're not down with 90something pages, but if you are so inclined, I would love any feedback or constructive criticism you have. I'm new at this and want to get better.

Until next time...